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Magistrski študij v Franciji – nekaj informacij

Pozdravljene, pozdravljeni,


iz Francije smo prejeli tole sporočilo o možnostih magistrskega študija:


I am writing to share with you information from French Universities offering international masters programs and scholarships for foreign students. Could you please forward this information to your students ?


  1. The Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Lyon has one particular scholarship program that covers the fields of your faculty:


  • Ampère Scholarships of Excellence


    • All ENS de Lyon Master’s programs


    • Amount: 1,000€ per month for one academic year (renewable under conditions)


    • Information: ampere.scholarship@ens-lyon.fr


their website is here: http://www.ens-lyon.fr/en/studies/admissions/application-masters-degrees-and-scholarships


  1. Aix-Marseille University offers a TIGER scholarship covering some masters programs covering the fields of your faculty:


Wishing to give the opportunity to the best students in the world to come and train in its faculties, AMU launches its new scholarship programme: TIGER Master's Excellence Scholarships !


Awarded for 19 high-level master’s degrees in transdisciplinary studies, the scholarship is valued :


  • €10,000 / year renewable up to 2 years (provided criteria for renewal are met)


  • guaranteed residence accommodation (provided student apply by the residence application deadline)


  • individual settling services upon arrival in France


Find out all eligible degrees in science, sciences of the universe, humanities, and medical studies here. It’s up to you to select the course in French or in English according to your language level.


Applications now open!


Applications for graduate candidates can be submitted through regular online application platforms depending on the degree and the candidates’ country of origin. For more information about the courses and the possibility of obtaining the scholarship, please contact the course manager. Awardees will then be selected and notified by the master's manager.


The following masters’ programmes are eligible to this scholarship:



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